Core Values

Community & Prosperity

NYC Construction Group, Inc., is committed to mutual prosperity. We aspire to thrive in business while bringing progress and prosperity to people and communities where we operate. Our culture, our ideas, our practices, our environmental concern, and our team work lead us to create superior values for people and communities around us.

Leadership & Prudence

NYC Construction Group, Inc., attracts and retains talent and leadership to create sound business solutions.  We build prudence and cost-effectiveness in our leaders while passing on benefits to our customers.

Customer & Excellence

NYC Construction Group, Inc., recognizes that our most valuable asset is people.  Lasting relationships are very important to us, which makes us more diligent about understanding and fulfilling our customers’ needs.

Honesty and Integrity

We believe Honesty, Integrity, Goodwill and Good Reputation are core to our business.   As professionals, we believe we are being held at a higher standard of business ethics.